ICLR’24] 1 Spotlight & 1 Poster have been accepted

2024/01/16 23:47
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Two ICLR papers (1 Spotlight and 1 Poster) have been accepted! Big congrats, the authors! See you in Vienna!
(Spotlight-Top 5%) CAS: A Probability-Based Approach for Universal Condition Alignment Score by Chunsan Hong (undergrad., KAIST), ByungHee Cha (undergrad., SNU), Tae-Hyun Oh https://openreview.net/forum?id=E78OaH2s3f
(Poster) Noise Map Guidance: Inversion with Spatial Context for Real Image Editing by Hansam Cho, Jonghyun Lee, Seoung Bum Kim (Korea Univ), Tae-Hyun Oh*, Yonghyun Jeong* (Naver Webtoon) https://openreview.net/forum?id=mhgm0IXtHw
In particular, the authors of the spotlight paper "CAS" are undergraduate students who are under undergraduate research collaboration! They were very productive and great!