Award] Undergrad interns got two awards in a row

2024/01/14 06:21
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Chang-Yeon Kim, Seung-Min Lee, and Yerin So (advised by Prof. Tae-Hyun Oh) were awarded NEWCOMB-Lim Ki-Hong Award” as the best team in the EE undergraduate design project!
Seung-Min Lee got award grand prize in the POSTECH LINC 3.0 EXPO capston design project!

NEWCOMB-Lim Ki-Hong Award

Text controlled NeRF: Editing 3D Scenes with Text-guided Masks
Chang-Yeon Kim Seung-Min Lee Yerin So
This study proposes a new model that allows precise and convenient modification of 3D scenes locally. Built upon Instruct-NeRF2NeRF, it incorporates masks extracted in a text-guided manner from LERF to specify and modify the range of 3D scene modification along with text prompts.
While Instruct-NeRF2NeRF(left) conducts modifications across all parts including the background, the proposed method(right) allows localized modifications preserving the original in the remaining parts.
김창연(좌), 소예린(중), 이승민(우) 종합설계과제 참여 학부생 팀

LINC 3.0 EXPO Award

Seung-Min Lee