Award] Undergrad interns got two awards in a row

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Chang-Yeon Kim, Seung-Min Lee, and Yerin So (advised by Prof. Tae-Hyun Oh) were awarded NEWCOMB-Lim Ki-Hong Award” as the best team in the EE undergraduate design project! Note that this is the 3rd time winners from our lab as delight outcomes of the undergraduate design projects advised by Prof. Tae-Hyun Oh.
Seung-Min Lee got award grand prize in the POSTECH LINC 3.0 EXPO capston design project!

NEWCOMB-Lim Ki-Hong Award

Text controlled NeRF: Editing 3D Scenes with Text-guided Masks
Chang-Yeon Kim Seung-Min Lee Yerin So
This study proposes a new model that allows precise and convenient modification of 3D scenes locally. Built upon Instruct-NeRF2NeRF, it incorporates masks extracted in a text-guided manner from LERF to specify and modify the range of 3D scene modification along with text prompts.
While Instruct-NeRF2NeRF(left) conducts modifications across all parts including the background, the proposed method(right) allows localized modifications preserving the original in the remaining parts.
김창연(좌), 소예린(중), 이승민(우) 종합설계과제 참여 학부생 팀

LINC 3.0 EXPO Award

Seung-Min Lee