Current Members


Master Alumni

Lee Hyun MS, 2024 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Kim Sung-Bin MS, 2023 POSTECH
Kwon Byung-Ki MS, 2023 POSTECH
Hyunwoo Ha MS, 2023 POSTECH
Nam Hyeon-Woo MS, 2022 POSTECH
Moon Ye-Bin MS, 2022 POSTECH


Lee Chae-Yeon Researcher, 2023 Now at POSTECH as master student
Jisoo Kim Undergrad. Intern, 2023 Now at Columbia Univ. as master student
Lee Hyun Researcher, 2022 Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT)
Kim Ji-Yun Researcher, 2022 Now at Krafton as infra engineer
Han Byeol-Yi Visiting Ph.D. student, 2021 Georgia Tech as Ph.D. student
Kim Sung-Bin Researcher, 2021 Now at POSTECH as Ph.D. student
Jieun Lee Postdoc, 2020 Now at KERIS as researcher
Kyungdon Joo Postdoc, 2020 Now at UNIST as assistant professor