2021 Spring AMI Lab Admission – 2nd Round Interview

1/29/2021, 12:55:21 AM
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Postech AMI Lab is holding 2nd round interview for the 2021 Spring AMI Lab admission.
Now the 1st round interview is over, and soon POSTECH’s official document screening will be done.
The 2nd round interview is for those who could not attend the 1st round interview,or for students who are not from POSTECH.
There are no differences or penalties between 1st and 2nd round interviews at all, except interview dates.
The 2nd round is going to be held on 2020.10.27(Tue). For each applicant, about 75 min. of time will be scheduled.
For a detailed time schedule, please visit here to reserve your interview time.
You can simply write down your name on your preferred time slot. (Note that the reservation is first-come, first-served.) For those who cannot make it on 10.27(Tue), please contact Prof. Taehyun-Oh via e-mail (taehyun@postech.ac.kr).
After the time schedule is done, each of the applicants will be informed about their reserved interview time and detailed information about the interview.
If you have any questions about the interview, please contact uwang521@postech.ac.kr Hope to see you soon! Good luck 🤘